carmem saito

Hello there 👋 I am a UX/UI Designer at Cobot and a PhD candidate at the Material Science Research Centre as part of the Textiles Circularity Centre and the Human Experience Materials Lab led by the Royal College of Art.

The sCrIPT* Toolkit

The sCrIPT* tool was develop in colaboration with Dr. Bruna Petreca as part of her PhD research. The toolkit is a generative method comprised by a deck of method cards with instructions that support designers in articulating feel in a self- directed manner, encouraging an experiential approach of inquiry when interacting with textile materials. This toolkit aspires students and designers to learn to feel fabrics once more, and to give significance to this feeling. Beyond characterisation and definition only, and into experience.

Digital Dress Form

3D dress form inspired by the work of Charles James with the intent to start a critical reflection on how we can reclaim acknowledgement our tacit practice in these new digital interfaces. This project was a component submited to The Dynamic Archive.

The Sound of Knitting

The sound of a working Brother KH 910 was recorded for several knitting jobs. The recorded sounds were used to generate a glitch image which then was knitted using the same (hacked) machine.

Na Sala de Jantar

Lace, pearls, ice, marmor, tule: codes that disperse in exchanged messages between shadows. Editorial conceptualized and produced by the “Mutantes na Sala de Jantar” collective - Karlla Girotto, Thelma Bonavita, Bruna Petreca, Carmem Saito, Debora Brandt & Clarissa Lorenzi - published by Revista Key.

Soft Omn

The Soft Omn is an embroidered multimeter build using an ATtiny microcontroller, a Flora NeoPixel, a speaker, a LED and conductive thread. This tool can measure resistance and translate it into light and sound.


Thinking drawing as a way of understandinf the body as media relating with it's environment. Drawing is not accepting images as representation of reality but as a phenomenon resulting from a comprehension and a relation between body and world. The collection thinks clothes and the process of fashion creation and development as a reverse drawing being the process from 2D to 3D, thinking lines as result of negociation between clothes, body and previous understandments of those. All the pieces are gestural, they were thought, created, patterned and developed as drawings and drawn over. The deformation created by this process, accentuates the movement of the body and prints.

The Hyper Textile

The Hyper Textile is an interactive instalation that captured touch and amplified the vibrations in real time, amplifying the original sound of each textile. As a result, we get an augmented exploratory experience through the relationship that both amplifies the senses and blurs the boundaries between the physical material and its digitally augmented properties, both the design practice and for the viewer.